The Team

The Boss
Dan Douglas 

Born in Kitchener Ontario. Road rider since 1972 (do the math)... rides road, single speed, hybrid, cruiser and tandem bikes Owns a triplet. Also enjoys sea kayaking, hiking and good restaurant meals. Previous career flying military helicopters (22 years) Married to a sporty cyclist and outdoor enthusiast. Grown son who is a musician and developing cyclist.

The Main Wrench
Aaron Smith

Comes to us from St. Catherines Ontario. Has raced downhill and 4-Cross for some time.  He's the newest addition to the team, and is eager to ride our famous terrain.

Assistant Guy
Will Miller

Born in Edmonton, also lived in Calgary, Yellowknife and Hawaii. Favourite food is a Hawaiin Plate Lunch (ask him). Rides mountain bikes and fixed gear. Ongoing project car - BMX 328 - still in progress.

The Other Guy
Levi VanderKwaak

Born and raised in Abbotsford. 5 years in L.A. California (Compton?) then back to Chilliwack. Deeply into photography and video. Rides downhill and road.

The Dollar Minder
Leah Johnson


She won't say much, but is in total control of the operation. Tough but fair. Ask about her kids.

Unit 1 - 9020 Young Rd, Chilliwack BC, V2P 4R8, Canada


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